Fitness boxing will elevate your cardio game.

Fitness boxing as a form of exercise training has proven to be one of the most effective ways to improve heart health and aerobic capacity (the volume of oxygen you consume during physical activity) and decrease your resting heart rate. Why is that important? If you have a higher aerobic capacity you will perform better in any activity. If you have a lower resting heart rate, this means your heart doesn’t have to work as hard. If your heart is working with better efficiency, chances are you will enjoy greater longevity! Not all fitness boxing lessons or classes are created equal! You will want to join a class or privately train with an experienced boxing trainer who will provide a HIIT style session or class to reap the most benefits. Participating in StrongFit’s Fitness Boxing Program is strategically set up to teach you the “sweet science” and improve your aerobic capacity and heart health

Fitness boxing will give you a mental edge .

Boxing training as a from of fitness made its way into the mainstream in large part to the aesthetic elements one tends to gain coupled with improving other physiological elements. In our first paragraph, we went over two of those main physiological elements, but what is just as important if not more important for others, is the psychological benefits. Over my years of using boxing as a form of fitness with Clients, I’ve anecdotally encountered drastic improvements among many of my participants mental well being. While this also holds true for typical strength training and other forms of exercise, fitness boxing seems to carry a more robust positive response to stress control and conversely stress release. In addition, some studies have shown improved mood states, less depressive symptoms, and less anxiety. Our Fitness Boxing Training may also assist you in developing a sense of inner strength and emotional equilibrium.

Fitness boxing will help you lose weight .

Boxing Training burns a significant amount more of calories per hour than many other forms of exercise. Depending on the style of class or private boxing lesson, personal boxing training clients and group fitness boxing participants can expect to burn between 800-900 calories per hour! According to research compiled by Women’s Health, an average spin class burns up to 634 calories and a run club burns 606 calories. Wouldn’t you prefer to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time while punching out life frustrations? Remember, 3500 calories equals 1 pound. If we do the math, which form of training is going to get you to your weight loss goals quicker? Fitness Boxing Training!

Fitness boxing may help facilitate neuroplasticity .

Neuroplasticity is the brains ability to form and/or reorganize communication networks known as synaptic connections after learning a new skill or going through a new experience. Why is this relevant or important? The neurons (specialized cells that send and receive information) of this neural network in our brain connect to the rest of the neurons throughout our body that work together to govern cognitive and movement abilities. Continued research is providing a mountain of evidence that exercise programs enhance or improve our neuroplasticity. Fitness boxing separates itself from other forms of exercise programs for enhanced neuroplasticity due to its high aerobic elements and dynamic movement patterns that challenge certain brain pathways. This is important because exercise programs such as fitness boxing may reduce the risk of neurodegenerative conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimers. Research is also showing benefits of exercise programs such as fitness boxing training to slow progression of neurodegenerative disease state and improve quality of life.

Fitness boxing will improve your coordination and athleticism .

One of the best consequences of boxing, especially if you are active with other sports, is improved coordination and athleticism. Speed, muscular strength and endurance, agility, reflex, and power are all elements of athleticism challenged with boxing. The variation of movements in different planes of motion to dodge and strike, the muscular endurance and strength to make continuous contact with an object, the force at which you hit, the timing to make the right move, throw the right punch, and avoid contact (if competing) all translate in other sports to some capacity. The biggest difference maker with boxing, is the coordination. Using different parts of the body subtly as you change your movement requires skill and practice. And that is the first thing we teach and reinforce in our fitness boxing Level 1 Class.

Fitness boxing is an outlet and it is fun! .

We touched on some of the mental benefits for boxing earlier, but I think it’s important to reinforce the mental and emotional health boxing can bring. Learning and working towards a new skill and improving on that particular skill gives everyone a sense of accomplishment. Boxing is no different. And building a relationship with a private boxing trainer or connecting and fostering relationships in group fitness boxing classes while taking out life’s trauma and frustrations has a limitless value. No matter where you choose to box for fitness, I hope this article will inspire you to take action and start punching away! You will not regret it! If you’re in Cincinnati, OH we would love for you to join us for private or group fitness boxing.
Reach out to us to get started! We look forward to connecting with you!