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Personalized Fitness and Performance Tracking

When you work with one of our Certified Personal Trainers & Fitness Coaches, not only will you receive personalized programming and performance tracking, you will also have access to your program any place any time through our TrueCoach solution. View your evaluations, benchmarks, the work you’ve performed in previous sessions, and your prescribed workouts for your future appointments. One of the ways we work to EMPOWER YOU!

The StrongFit Method

When you begin your journey with us, you receive the four staples of our successful model we call the StrongFit Method. We assess your goals and needs through our systematic evaluation, build your program based on the goals you express to us and the results of your movement assessment, implement the program we build for you through appropriate demonstration and education, and coach you through your session. Your outcome = desired results. Your by-product = a permanent healthy & fit lifestyle.

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StrongFit Components of Fitness

Trunk Stabilization & Endurance

You’ve heard it before, you can’t build a house without the foundation. After assessing the muscles that comprise your “core” we begin our work to build and strengthen the foundation of your house

Balance & Coordination

Often overlooked, your ability to react in a given environment can mean the difference of avoiding injury or making the cut for a team.  We challenge your neuromuscular system to keep you safe and prepared for your exercise and sport demands

Cardiorespiratory Endurance

A vital component to improve immune function, decrease stress, eliminate health risk factors, and boost performance, the ability of your heart and lungs to withstand activity is one of the most important elements in training.

Flexibility & Mobility

It’s no secret good flexibility is important for proper movement, but not having your muscles at their appropriate length can actually minimize your muscles force production. Through prescribed neuro drills, self-administered stretching, PNF stretching, foam rolling, and other myofascial release techniques, we aim to keep your muscles at their appropriate length-tension relationship for optimal mobility and maximal force production.

Muscular Endurance, Strength, & Power Output

Athletic events, specific sports, lifting competitions, hypertrophy training, and certain work duties require appropriate muscular endurance, strength and power output. These components are trained through specific energy systems and implemented with appropriate progression for safety and quality movement.


“You can not out train a bad diet.” How many times have you heard this one? Here’s another good one….”You can not perform on a poor diet!” What you put and do not put in your body for fuel can have unrelenting consequences. We keep you accountable when it comes to your nutrition through helpful tools and appropriate education.

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